Our Process

Partnering With Grandin Hood To Publish Your Organization's Story.

The story of an organization’s past may be its best invesment in the future.

Publishing a book with Grandin Hood Publishers begins with identifying the organization’s goals, potential uses of the book, and other information key to the project’s success. The organization’s history, mission, and vision for the future shape the format of the project.

Grandin Hood provides a turnkey service and is responsible for all creative and production stages of the book including: concept development, historical research, collection of archival materials, interviews, writing, original color photography, editing, and proofreading. The Grandin Hood creative team will make multiple seasonal trips to the organization’s location(s) to create the photography and text for the book.

Completing the production stage of the book, Grandin Hood additionally provides design, prepress, digital color proofs, printing, binding, and delivery. The organization has final approval of each element in the creative and production process.

In addition to delivering a treasured edition, meaningful to the mission and plans of the organization, Grandin Hood projects include additional services to ensure a successful launch, continuing sales, and promotional utilization of the book:

  • Advance web promotions and media releases
  • Capital campaign materials and book launch plans
  • “Limited Edition” enhancement options
  • Digital online edition of the book
  • Unlimited usage of all created photography