Historic New Albany Indiana:

Celebrating 50 Years

client: New Albany Bicentennial Commission | published: 2012

In 1813, during the western expansion and growth of a fledgling United States, pioneer families founded a city on the banks of the Ohio River in territory that was to become the a State of Indiana. During the mid-nineteenth century, New Albany became the center of steamboat manufacturing in America, and ultimately Indiana’s wealthiest town. To celebrate the colorful 200th Anniversary of the town, the New Albany Bicentennial Commission enlisted Grandin Hood Publishers to present the history in a distinctive commemorative book. The Bicentennial Commission has successfully used the book for fundraising in support of future Bicentennial activities and initiatives.

“We applaud the creative team of Grandin Hood Publishers for the devoted enthusiasm they exhibited in telling our story in an accurate and memorable publication.  Years after the bunting is down, the fireworks displays have ended, and the bands have quieted their patriotic tunes, this book will serve as a treasured icon of New Albany’s historic past and bright future.”