Mike Curb:

50 Years

client: Curb Recording Group | published: 2011

In 2012, Curb Records, the largest and oldest independent record label in America, celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Grandin Hood was commissioned by founder Mike Curb to produce a slipcased, 396-page gift edition commemorating the milestone events in the history of Curb Records, Curb Motorsports Teams, and the good works of the Curb Family Foundation. The book is used as a gift to business clients and associates, and is sold through Grammy U, the Reagan Presidential Library, and the Curb Music and Motorsports Museum.

“To celebrate Curb Records’ 50th Anniversary, we were fortunate to have Grandin Hood Publishers bring creative energy and focus to our story, resulting in a fabulous book. A sincere thank you to the Grandin Hood creative team.”